Caffeine cocoa (500g)

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Ingredients & Nutritional Values

<p> Ingredients: Isomaltulose, cocoa powder (highly deoiled) (25%), guarana extract (2.2%).</p>

<p>Isomaltulose is a source of glucose and fructose. Consuming foods that contain other types of sugar instead of sugar, such as isomaltulose, causes blood sugar levels to rise less than when eating foods containing sugar.</p>

<p> May contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts and gluten.</p>

<p> Contains caffeine 267 mg/100 g</p>

<p> Not recommended for children and pregnant women. Do not use as a substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.</p>



<th> <strong>Nutritional values</strong>

<th> <strong>100 g</strong>

<th> <strong>30g</strong>





<td> Energy kJ/kcal</td>

<td> 1494 kJ/367 kcal</td>

<td> 448 kJ/110 kcal</td>



<td> Fat</td>

<td> 3.0g</td>

<td> 1.0g</td>



<td> saturated with it</td>

<td> 1.8g</td>

<td> 0.5g</td>



<td> carbohydrates</td>

<td> 74g</td>

<td> 22g</td>





Caffeine cocoa (500g)

The perfectly balanced dose of caffeine

In our performance cocoa, natural caffeine from guarana ensures razor-sharp senses. The perfectly balanced dose of 80 mg of caffeine per serving is roughly equivalent to an energy drink and ensures full focus on everything that counts.

Why the right amount of caffeine is so important? Excessive amounts, such as those contained in boosters or energy drinks, can negatively affect your performance due to slight tremors and inner restlessness. If a few millimeters on the mouse decide between victory and defeat, you will lose out. Our perfectly balanced dose of caffeine was classified as “very well tolerated” through multiple tests.

Innovative ingredient design: game over for simple sugars

We use isomaltulose, a naturally sweet-tasting carbohydrate from the disaccharide group. Due to its physiological metabolic properties, isomaltulose is broken down more slowly in the body. This means that the energy (in the form of glucose) is available longer and more consistently. This is an enormous advantage, especially during long-term exertion, such as in esports, because brain cells and red blood cells in particular feed exclusively on glucose.

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15 Juli 2021
Andy S.
Germany Germany
Super lecker!

Gute Löslichkeit und super lecker. Kann man also nur weiter empfehlen.

03 Juli 2021
Andreas V.
Germany Germany
Perfekt zum Zocken und Arbeiten

Endlich habe ich einen wirklichen Ersatz zu Kaffee und Engery Drink gefunden. Da ich teilweise im Homeoffice noch bis in die Nacht hinein arbeite, ist der Kakao eine wirklich große und leckere Hilfe. Auch beim zocken hilft er wach und konzentriert zu bleiben. Absolute Empfehlung!!

28 Februar 2021
Tobias S.
Germany Germany
Einfach geil

Also ich bestell den Kakao schon zum 2. mal und muss sagen nach wie vor total begeistert. Leistungssteigern und meeega Lecker. Bevorzugt mit Milch trinken, weil dann wird der sooo cremig, einfach geil !!

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