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  • Improves cognitive abilities
  • Provides you with energy for a long time
  • Best compatibility

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ETRITION is developed for mental power play
Developed in esports, ETRITION is your fuel for maximum endurance. Natural, vegan ingredients combined with isomaltulose and natural caffeine from guarana provide you with energy when you need it. Balanced amounts of caffeine and isomaltulose provide you with energy for a long time, while the combination of fiber and proteins ensure long-lasting satiety. No sticking, no crumbling with our ingredient design you can concentrate on what's really important.
ETRITION: Maximize your concentration
Unlike artificial caffeine from classic energy drinks or coffee, our energy bars only contain plant-based caffeine from guarana. In contrast to free caffeine, the caffeine in guarana is bound. The stimulating properties of caffeine, which can have a stimulating and anti-fatigue effect, can therefore work longer and more evenly. For maximum effect, ETRITION combines the power of caffeine and guarana in one energy bar.
ETRITION is superfood in bar form
Game over for simple sugars: We use isomaltulose instead of conventional sugar in our products. This means that the blood sugar level rises more slowly and provides you with energy for a longer period of time. In addition, the fiber in our selected ingredients ensures satiety for an extra long time. Isomaltulose is a natural, sweet-tasting carbohydrate from the group of disaccharides. Due to its physiological metabolic properties, isomaltulose is broken down more slowly in the body. This means that the energy (in the form of glucose) is available longer and more consistently. This can be an enormous advantage, especially during long-term mental stress, because brain cells and red blood cells in particular feed exclusively on glucose.
ETRITION stands for uncompromising quality: only natural ingredients
We rely on uncompromising quality in our products. We only use natural ingredients such as almonds, cocoa or peanuts. To ensure the highest possible density of nutrients, we make sure to leave the ingredients as untouched as possible. Because your body's fuel is nutrition. We combine the highest quality standards and function with delicious taste.

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