What is behind the idea of ​​ETRITION RELOAD?


For us, PROFESSIONAL FOOD FOR SERIOUS GAMING is more than just a claim. 

At the beginning there was the idea of ​​developing foods that are perfectly tailored to the needs and demands of professional gamers. 

When developing products, we only use natural raw materials and selected ingredients to provide you with long-lasting power.


What difference does ETRITION RELOAD make?

Our innovative slow carb recipe uses isomaltulose instead of conventional sugar. After consumption, the blood sugar level rises more slowly and provides you with power for a long time.

A rapid increase in blood sugar levels and a subsequent rapid crash are avoided, thus preventing performance drops and hunger attacks. Body and mind are supplied with long-lasting power.

Isomaltulose vs. sugar ETRITION RELOAD

ETRITION RELOAD - Made in Germany

We also set special standards when selecting suitable partners for production. Only manufacturers who also produce food for other top athletes such as triathletes or high-performance runners were considered here. 

Our products are 100% Made in Germany and are manufactured to the highest quality standards.


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