How can you make money with esports?

How can you make money with esports?

For many, it is a dream to earn a living with a passion for gaming. But what does it take to turn this dream into reality and what sources of income are there? In this article we would like to give you a brief overview for beginners.


The esports industry is now worth almost two billion US dollars and esports is well on its way to being recognized as an official sport. More and more clubs and organizations from traditional sports are also establishing digital units. It is now only a matter of time before esports in Europe, like in Asia, attracts hundreds of millions of viewers in front of the screen.

There are basically two ways to earn money as a player. One is as part of a professional team that plays for prize money and championships and the other is as a streamer/entertainer who builds a community that watches him play and supports him with credits and subscriptions. However, a combination of both has also become established, especially in the area of ​​SIM racing.

But you have to be clear about one thing: no master has fallen from heaven and success is usually achieved by those who train the hardest and don't let setbacks discourage them.

What does it take to become a professional? Perseverance, discipline and a plan!


#1 What is your game?
At the beginning, decide for yourself which digital discipline you would like to train in. Focus yourself and your energy on this 100%.

Why is this important? How many professional footballers do you know who are also professional boxers? Probably none. In both digital and traditional sports, if you want to be among the best, you have to invest all of your time in one discipline.

Action Plan: Choose your game

#2 Create a training plan
Just like in traditional sports, as an esports athlete you have to adhere to a strict training, exercise and nutrition plan, because your mind and body should be in top shape for the high mental stress.

Action Plan: Take a calendar and always plan four weeks in advance. Plan 4 blocks of training in the game and 2 blocks of physical activity (e.g. jogging, gym, etc.) every week to compensate. You can divide the length of the blocks yourself depending on the time you have available.

#3 Practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice and don't forget practice

Action Plan: Practice, practice, and practice! Now it's time to persevere and not be discouraged by setbacks. Stick to your training plan. Even if the moment comes when you ask yourself “What am I actually doing here?”, you are on the right track. Important: After each training session, take short notes about what went well and what went badly.

#4 Feedback and development
If at the beginning it is important to just spend time in the game, you will notice relatively quickly that there are things that you can do very well after a short time and others that you have difficulty with. So over time you have to continue to develop strengths and train weaknesses.

Action Plan: Use your notes from the training sessions to train your strengths and weaknesses in a 1:2 ratio every week. Example: You train 12 hours every week. Use 4 hours to further develop your strengths and 8 hours to work on your weaknesses.

#5 Time out
Only those who take breaks can optimally recharge their batteries and internalize what they have learned in the best possible way.

Action Plan: Allow two days off each week to recharge your batteries and internalize what you have learned.

#6 Nutrition
As with other traditional sports, you should also pay particular attention to your diet. Sweets, fast food and convenience foods can have a serious impact on your results due to a drop in performance and a lack of concentration. In the long term, it can also lead to obesity, tooth decay, poor blood values ​​or diabetes.

ETRITION products, for example, are designed to get the best out of you and provide you with the best possible support during training and competitions.

Action Plan: Question your eating habits. You need a balanced, fiber-rich diet with lots of fruit and vegetables.

And now?

No secret formula for financial esports freedom? Not a motivational guru with incredible advice?
No! In reality, only those esports athletes who play at an absolute top level and thus win championships and titles are financially successful. But there are also player contracts with top teams and sponsorship money.

With a plan and your goal in mind, you have it in your own hands and always remember: all professionals started the same way you are now.

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