How do I properly approach sponsors in esports?

How do I properly approach sponsors in esports?

In this article we would like to give you an insight into the criteria we use to select teams for ourselves and what arguments convince us. Maybe this post can help you if you are looking for a partner for your team.

Almost every day we receive messages asking whether we can support a team with our products, equipment or money. Unfortunately, we have to say no to 99% of all messages. Sometimes the address is wrong, for example because there is another company in the subject line or when reading it you get the feeling that the sender has not dealt with our gaming food products and our company at all. You often have the feeling that you are the recipient of a mass email that is sent to hundreds rather than the addressee of an individual and tailor-made request.

At the same time, athletes and teams in esports, like in any other top sport, need support from partners and financial resources to further develop the skills of the players, the equipment of the team and the reach of the sport.


So what do you need to convince sponsors and partners of yours? With a little hard work and our four-point plan, you should be well prepared for the race.

#1 Be aware of your own team’s goals
The first step is to ask yourself what you stand for and what you want to achieve: Are you a sim racing team completely focused on performance in the fight for the last tenth of a second? A CS Go team aiming to win the championship or is esports more about the community spirit and streaming. Take some time and work on these goals together as a team.

#2 Research partners
The next step is to research partners who match your individual goals and values. For example, if performance and performance are your focus, then look for companies whose products fit this. If you just want to have fun, there are suitable companies for that too. It is important that you are convinced of the possible partners and their products. As a brand ambassador, you ultimately want to give your partners your face.

#3 Prepare the speech correctly
You have now thought about what you stand for as a team and which partners could fit in. Now comes the most important part, preparing the speech. Put together a short presentation (3-5 slides). You should take the following content into account:

1) It is important to use the correct language in the presentation. To do this, deal intensively with the company's products in advance. What type of language is used on the website? Of course, it's even better if you're already a product insider and have used one of the company's products before and are convinced of it yourself.

2) Summarize your milestones so far as a team and give an outlook into the future. What have you achieved in the past and what goals are you aiming for in the future?

3) Give a brief overview of your reach. Describe all media and formats on which the future partner would be visible together with you. For example, how much interaction do you have on social media or how many viewers do the tournaments you take part in have? Do you have regular community events?

4) Describe your own target group or the viewers you reach. For example, how old are your followers on social media or the viewers of your tournaments? Are they also performance-oriented because they do esports themselves or is your community more looking for entertainment?

5) Finally, it is best to formulate specific wishes for the partnership and why the addressee is the right partner for you and your team. If possible, research the right contact person for your concerns in the respective company in the well-known business networks. When sending to a general email address, there is always a high risk that it will not reach the right person somewhere within the company.

#4 Addressing partners
Send your presentation together with a short and concise cover letter. Keep your cover letter short and refer to the presentation for more in-depth information. Additionally, offer a telephone appointment with a specific date to introduce yourself and your team.

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